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Have a question!?! Chances are other treasurers have encountered the same problem and may be able to help you find a solution.  Email your question through the link above and it will be emailed to all of the treasurers in the database.  For questions contact Jody Anderson at Delta City, (435) 864-2759,

2019 Treasurer to Treasurer Requests

Credit Card Policy -                   Holly Smith,
 WEX Program -                        Audrey Camp,
Snow Removal -                        Jody Anderson,

Landlord Utilities -                     Michelle Jensen,

System Backup -                      Jessica Mangels,

Merchant Fees -                       Jordan Hales,

Meal Purchasing -                     Mindi Finlinson,

Wildland Fires -                        Jody Anderson, 
Cash Handling -                        Kim Palmer,

Investment Officer -                   Kerry Wheelwright,

IT Services-                              Bridgette King,

Temporary Disconnects -           Heidi Gerritsen,

Serving Multiple Roles –            Travis Worwood,

Credit Card Policy –                  Jeannine Teel,

Separation of Duties –               Shannon Hoffman,

Employee Warning Forms –       Jody Anderson,

Social Media –                          Judy Schiers,

Rental Property -                       Chris Purser,

Visa/Credit Card Purchases –    Debbie Bannon,

Septic Disposal –                      Jody Anderson,

Phone Services –                      Jennifer Sweat,

Trails -                                      Jody Anderson,

Merchant Services –                  Niki Higgs,

Utility Write-Offs –                    Judy Schiers,

Water Meters & Snowbirds –      Mindy Kohler,

Social Media Retention –           Jody Anderson,

Scrap Books –                          Kim Palmer,

Payroll –                                   Jennifer Sweat,

Shut Off Policy –                       Jennifer Chapman,

Evidence Cash –                       Jennifer Chapman,

Credit Card Service Fees –        Mindy Finlinson,

Conflict of Interest Policy –         Jody Anderson,

Billing Corrections –                   Jordan Hales,

Event Cash Payments –            Megan Mills,

Travel Request Forms –            Eliza McGaha,

Cash Handling Policy –              Niki Higgs,

URS Audit –                              Janet Price,

Collection Service Providers –    Susan Moses,

Utility Policies –                         Lourdes Ramos,

Banking RFP –                          Mindy Kohler,

Credit Card Purchase Policy –    Susan% Shannon Hoffman,

Interns –                                   Mariah Hill,